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Twitter Twats to Teehee Tweets: The PMS'rs and REAL Comedians of Twitter =], Volume 1..Coming Soon!

First and foremost, HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING! Yeah, I know I've been slippin on my pimpin with this here blog, and for that, I apologize. Ive been busy with alot of things...(birthday and funegro; life in general). Anyways, as I waste my life away tweeting my Twitter jibba jabba, I've kept some of the funniest and harshest shit people have said in my favorites. Yay for little gold stars right? So, with that being said, heres just a few crazy Twitter quotes, guaranteed to make you piss your pants, and *side eye* the fuck out of your CPU screen =]

The BEST of "Shae Shae" aka...
"Lil Kim's Throat jus #signedtoyoungmoney. She Said She Down For SWALLOWING The Competition"

"Drakes ACL jus #signedtoyoungmoney. He ready TO RIP THAT SHIT!!!"

@COACH_WAYMO:#iuse2likeubut you thought black history month was in August cause that's when football season started!! Smh

@COACH_WAYMO: Bitch Don't Suck Dick = Don't Get No Text Back Barbie! Lmao

Thats just a few. Im still compiling more as we speak, but I know once its done, you'll LOVE it!
Anyways, Im gone. Just wanted to give yall a quick update=]
One Love: Joni..The Giggle Master =]

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