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So...My day started off least...right?

Well...that quickly changed..Hard labor changes ALOTTA
Not to mention shitty attitudes...B-FUCKING-LAH!

She woke me up with a Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle meal..complete with a medium coke.

Yessir..Heaven came EARLY....


Wow...I think I'm a Narc!

So...the last thing I remember is that I went to sleep at 6:30'sh this morning. Why on EARTH did I wake up at 10:30, I have no earthly idea...LMAO! I told my homie I just may be the worlds FIRST fat crackhead ROTF!

Anyways, the 4th is coming up and I'm UBER excited. We talkin bbq's, ample liquor, sexy mens with no shirts and fireworks in their hands (Been waking up in a cold sweat from that shit!), swimming, and lots parties filled with good music! Oh and friends too..LMAO!

Solange will be here doing a party/fashion show on Friday night. You know what that means....FREEEEEE STUFFFF...AND I LIKIE FREE! FREE All white party on Saturday...gues list invite of course :). My Black Is Beautiful Tour will be in the convention center from the 3rd-5th. My sis and I have free entry to our favorite club, cause I'm cool with the bouncers/dj's. Even gave us free 3 shot drink passes.

Yessir. Its gonna be on and poppin this weekend! So, what are you guys gonna be doing for the 4th? Gimmie some feedback :)


My Family Reunion... the family reunion was last weekend and I must say, it was quite funny.

Meeting 5 little cousins I never knew existed= Free, but came with a 5.00 price mark, as they begged me for chips, pickles, and little sippers juices.

50/60/70 year olds dancing to Stanky Leg= Free, but this too, came with a price mark, as I pondered what would happen if one of their hips slipped, if one fell into split, or if "The Change" started when THEY started doing the Booty Dew. When I giggled at the thought, I think I lost about 10 years off my life, and damn near choked and died on the spot, from the pull apart'able piece of rib I had in my mouth.

Snowballs = Free...but you guessed it...WELL PRICED! The fucking line was about 50 family members STRONG, and these bastids were gettin about 4 snowballs per person. By the time my fat ass stayed in the line, let about 7 kids get ahead of me, plus 4 old people, the damn people had ran out of snowball cups. I had been in that line for about 30 mins. I was MAD AS ALL BLUE FUCKIN HELL..up until Jamayra and Maya (My new little cousin and Cousin Brandon's girlfriend's daughter..WHOO LAWD THAT WAS ALOT!) came up to me and gave me a hug, and shared theirs with me. wub.gif

After the day altering mix of cold Ciroc shots & Heinekens galore, Bacardi Silvers, and Smirnoff Ices, mixed with good food and the comedic stylings of Uncle Willie and Uncle Man (Leonard), I was dead to the world in no time flat, and wasn't really worried about the heat anymore.

My family, no matter how ghetto/loud/obnoxious/smart-mouthed/dumb (in more ways than one) they can be...

They're still MY ghetto/loud/obnoxious/smart-mouthed/dumb (in more ways than one) family, and nothing will ever change that. But next year...yeah...lmao...WERE GETTIN A DAMN DJ!

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