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Welcome to MY rehab..

Todays Quote

"Fool me once...shame on you. Fool me twice...shame on me. Fool me thrice...DAMN BITCH ARE YOU STOOPID? Any more and you'll be a glutton for punishment!"

-Joni Cee

*steps up to mic...*

Ahem. Hello and WELCOME to our first ever meeting.

Allow me to introduce myself!

Hi, my name is Joni...

[Now thats when you say..."Hiiiii Joniiii!"]

Hi. Im here today because Im a victim of the Get It? Got It? Good!

Ive suffered through it in 3 different relationships, and although I just got out of a mini, 2 week lasting, forever in a day waiting, happiness just leaked out his fucking front tire, GOTCHA BITCH relationship, Im still going strong!

Lets go play by play and see how this LAST relation-SHIT worked out..

Here's MY story!

Picture it...Sarah T. Reed High School...Circa 2002.

Joni was a cute little chunky, intelligent, slightly nerdy, 15 year old chickadee in a new world...New Orleans East. I was born and partially raised in the crazy, untamed gorilla world of the 9th W/D (when shit was kosher..), moved to "Mid Suburbia" aka the posh and slightly prim and proper area of the 7th W/D (right by city park..CARROLLTON), migrated BACK to the 9, right at the time when shit turned RAW, and decided that my next move was REAL suburbia land..aka..NEW ORLEANS EAST, the area where if you came from the hood, and you didn't have much, niggas will think you MOVED on up to the "East side" to speak. The apartments in the sky were not that deluxe..letsbeHONEST! 

Anyways..moving on. 

New school, new life, new neighborhood=NEW FRIENDS! I met this crazy little band dude named *Cody. He's the HOTTEST, in my eyes anyways. I mean I had the CRAZY BLAZIN hots for this lil nigga. His swag wasn't super impeccable, but for a teen, PAPI WAS ON P-O-I-N-T-E! (Yes niggas, not point...but pointe! May not fit, but I like that spelling SO much better =]). As a popular kid, people loved this dude. And his mom working at the school made him even more a go to for ANYTHING they needed. Yuuup! *as Shorty Is A Killa plays in the back of my head*

Now I, on the other hand, was a newb. New. Odd. Strange. Peculiar. NO ONE LIKED ME, with the exception of the school choir members, underclassmen, and teachers! But oddly, I didn't mind that! Originality was my specialty..always had been. I didn't listen to bounce. I didn't have the best that money can buy. No Gucci shoes and throwbacks. No fitteds and G-Nikes. No Dickies w/ the cellphone pocket. Nope. I was a regular princess cut Reebok having, St. John's Bay pant wearing somebody. And that, made me NOT fit in..but that was NOT my concern. Nope, Miss Joni was NOT a social butterfly. I made herself slightly known through other ways. Doin book reports for people, becoming SGA President 2 years running, becoming head choir director, and Drama Club President. 

Even though I had a crazy crush on him, I knew MY place. I knew that the popular kid, wasn't gonna fuck with me...The Goon/Geek Squad, where not only was I the president, but I was a client as well. I stayed farh farh away..(in my Jenny voice..Forrest Gump! ^_^). I already knew there could be consequences to those actions. Now, I did, however, hang out with a well known chick in the school. Unfortunately, Santani was well known for a many of things, and NONE of them we're positive. But, the she became my first friend at the school, and knowing she lived around the corner, made me feel a little less lonely. What made everything a even bigger plus, was that HE hung with the popular friend, but even I knew what that was about. Can we say getting into the pants? Mmhm. Thank you class! *snaps*

Time goes on and we advance to the 11th grade. Thats when my status boosted up a bit. I started gaining more attention from people. Creating long lasting..(SO WE THOUGHT) friendships with classmates. He began seeing this and started hanging with me and Santani. One day, as we sit in front of the bus stop, he walks over and asks to join us in our quest. Of course we say yes and the next thing you know, the three of us are sitting in the living room chuckling it up. One thing leads to another, and before long, Santani and he are snuggled up on the sofa. We know where this goes right? Right! So, I leave. Soon after that, my and Santani's friendship goes down the shithill it climbed up on. This chapter...DONE!

12th grade year..gone. Out of high school..done. Years pass by...rapid. I..GROW. Spiritually and mentally. Im way different from my former nerdy/ slightly popular, high school self. Im a little older, a good bit wiser, funnier, less nerdy, up on her music shit, in the dating game, loving life, and blissful than a mothafucker. 

LOW AND BEHOLD, who finds me on FB? Mmhm. Him. Cody. The high school crush. The sexy beast. The teen who's swag was on a 100, 1,000, trillion, stepped on the scene like a MOTHER FUCKIN SIGMA! 2 kids. No relationship. Job. Coolin. And like a breath of fresh air, those feelings, come sweeping through my city.

Now, we talk for quite a while. A couple of months. Within these convos, he reveals that he actually liked me and he only wanted to "crush" the friend. Now of course I dont believe that, but Im the type to give a nigga a chance to prove himself...despite what I've been told. We then decide to see each other. I was real eager to show him the me that he SHOULD have seen in high school. The mature minded, silly, sexy, sweet me that he never acknowledged as a teen in fear of persecution . 

We wound up spending a day together. It seemed like he fit into the puzzle SO perfectly. Met the moms, pops, and sis in ONE setting, and men who have dated me, know that this is HIGHLY unlikely to do in ONE meeting, so THIS was a phenomenon. Un-natural occurance. Definitely some NEW shit! This alone made me giggle! I even met the baby boy in the first wrap, which was important to me.

Now, I had been keeping herself calm, but I couldn't help but think about the day we had together. We talked more after that and I decided that its cool for us to pursue a boo-ship, but that turned into a relationship fairly quickly. I was his girl. His squeeze. And THAT, was a moment! I had been keeping a vow. I would not have sex until I started in a new relationship. And now that I was in one, I surprised him with the morning of a lifetime. He comes at 8:30 when Im still asleep. I get up, open the door, grab some clothes and head straight for the shower. After about 20 mins, I come out greased up, sweet smelling, with wet hair and a fully succulent body. Of course, he's impressed. One thing leads to another, and after 1 year and 2 months of celibacy, I give in to my instincts, and let him dip his swizzle stick in MY mocha-latte! ^_^. Most people know I dont jump in, but my heart told me something was different. He was NOT the kid we knew in high school. He had changed. And me being the grown woman that I am, decided that he would be the one to change my status.

I was on a high for a week, until I got that call. Now, a week had went by w/o me speaking to him, but me being me, didn't think anything of it. He's a dad. He has a life. Now, prior to visiting, he hurt his ankle and had a ace bandage on it. When we talked, he explained he had been in the hospital for that week. I thought maybe he had surgery, but BOY was I wrong.

Then that evening came. My sister called and delivered some news that slightly stung. The way the story went, was that our friend, Dom, saw who she thought was a "band geek" in high school...someone Joni had a crush on. He was "snuggled up" with this chick in Home Depot, who looked like she could be pregnant. His name..was Cody.
My sister didn't think it was true, until Dom pointed out that he had been limping all around the store because it looked like her hurt his ankle. Thats when she knew what the real deal was. Cody, had been fucking over little ole me. Playing the kid like a fiddle.

Now, Dom NEVER knew we dated, so we knew there was no retaliation thing involved She wasn't tryna be messy or anything.  She hadn't even heard his name till my sister replied with: "OMG! Joni's fucking with him. Thats her boyfriend!" which Dom replied: "Well, he sure didn't act like someone in a relationship when I saw him!"


Someone I thought ACTUALLY liked me, after being alone for 1 year and 2 months (from my previous 3 year relationship), but I guess I was wrong as all hell. 

Now, I told my story today to explain the Get It? Got It? Good! game.

This is how it works..

Step 1: You GET it aka HER yet?

 They GET you with all of the sweet words, kind gestures, and they pay attention, while pretending to care. Sweet nothings, gifts, and calls just to say "Hey, I miss you." also come pre-written/scripted like a cheap horror film. You start out not listening, but something inside of you says give it a chance. Thats when they rise to step 2.


You are now under the spell. The reins are around your neck, and the ball is no longer in your court. Yes boo. You caught the ball at shortstop, then fumbled like Cardinal you are. 

Step 3: GOOD!
POW! Right in the kisser! Just when you thought it was safe, they do you in..dirtiest of dirty shit, and expect you to just shrug it off like.."GOOD."!  This leaves you feeling used. They, on the other hand, shrug shit off and suggest you to do the same! No sorry. No excuses. No NOTHING. And since you've been tapped dry..

As far as progress, he and I haven't talked. 
He doesn't know that I know. When my nerves are settled, I may call. 
But as of now, Im cool on his shenanigans.

Thats how I became a "Get It? Got It? Good!" statistic.

So now that my story is over, what did we learn?

They are everywhere. They hide outside in the bushes, waiting for a sweet soul to suck into their world. 

Keep your guard up. Stand your ground. 

Most importantly, protect your heart. Its not a toy for his amusement.
Just because you have a ribcage, doesn't mean you're heart is guarded. 
Remember that!

Meeting adjourned!

If you have any questions/comments, go ahead and post up. 
I enjoy reading and answering your thoughts!


Joni Cee: The REAL one.


Dont you just LOVE updates? ^_^

Today's Quote..

"Im the topic of your conversation, and the product of determination. Stop playing, cause you are NOT up in my situation. Yall may be the ballers, but IM the sports agent..."

-Weezy F. Baby (edited)

What The BUSINESS IS? =]

First and foremost, I just wanted to say THANKS to everyone who follows me on Twitter and here on  Blogger. I dont do this shit just for me, so much love to you for putting up with my non posting like Im supposed to ass..LMAO. Anyways, this is just a little update on me and my life, so in the famous words of some rapper that I dont remember...


So, I know I said Im a heathen, right?
And despite what I thought, I didn't burn up like Eddie on Vampires In Brooklyn!
Mmhm. I'll give you a min to pick yourself up off the floor..

...........................[taps foot like Sonic, and plays with nails]........................

[Elevator music plays...]

Ok, now that that's over, back to it. Yes, I went to church, and I actually enjoyed it. The service was nice, the people were friendly (I guess...), and my sister even joined. I felt a tad bit uneasy though. The preacher revealed to us that his congregation bought him a Limited Edition Jaguar for his 40th birthday. He had me side eyeing his ass for quite a good minute, but I shook it off. I'll be back at MY church home next Sunday, so I won't have to worry about Minister "I got myself Jag".

In other news, I know MOST of you have seen me very emotional lately. Well, a man I knew as my grandfather, Mr. Melvin Hulbert, passed away on Friday, week before last. He was 76. Now, you would think he died from natural causes, or an "old folks" disease (Altzhimers,[sp] etc.), right? Well, I wish that would have been the case. Instead, he was shot to death by his OWN son. Yes, the child he HELPED create, killed him- straight cold blood. I still dont know what to say about it, cause Im still in shock. Hell, the family is still shook. What makes things even more weird, is the fact that my cousin Charlie, his grandson, died by the gun as well. Its scary. It just freaks me out. 

Grandpa Melvin was my EVERYTHING. He cared more for me than my REAL grandfather EVER has. He was always around. Never hurt anyone and ALWAYS gave me so much joy when I was around him. Its like, he always knew what to say or do to cheer me up or make me laugh. He helped my mother when she needed it. Being a single mom in the CRAZY ass hoods of New Orleans, AINT NO joke! He took care of me and her, and took us in as one of his own. Thats what made him so incredible. See, the little things he did, and his loving and accepting heart, meant the WORLD and so much more. I will ALWAYS be indebted to him for everything he did for me and my mom. My heart wouldn't allow me to go to the wake. I couldn't. Knowing that I was saying goodbye, even if its just for a little while, pained me. So, my mother and I bought a card, and I wrote a long and heartfelt letter to my second family. I just wanted to let them know, that no matter what, if they need me, just CALL.

Now, as for his son, he's currently in critical condition, and straight from the D.A.'s mouth..."We WILL try for the death penality. Right now, he's currently being charged with 1st degree murder." Now, I don't usually AGREE with the death penalty, but in THIS case, I think we can make an exception. Don't you? Hmmph.

And last but not least...
For those of you who are in or frequent the San Antonio area, I WILL be visiting from April 29th-May 3rd! You're MORE than welcome to visit me in my temp place of residence, so I will keep you all posted! 

And thats the gawt damn business people. =]

I'll be posting a NEW YT music vlog real soon, so look out for that! And if any of you have any requests, hit up my DMs on my twitter..!

Till then..Im Outtie 5000!

Joni Cee..Alien in N.O.E

This is a new process...Just learning to deal with it!

This is a old entry I wanted to post, but never did. Im proud of myself for finally getting over my ex. Yes we were together for 2 years, and yes I enjoyed it all, but things happen, people change, and LIFE goes on. Its crazy how life goes. He and I haven't spoken since after Christmas. I dont know how he's doing, and vice versa. All I can do is pray that he's ok. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy my "rant"

P.S.-This is not the update. Thats coming next =)

After all of the shit we've been through..All the haters trying to steer me away...All the funny looks and sly ass remarks..Even after all the naysayers spoke death on our relationship..I managed to maintain!...Now..after a 1 and a 1/ give them just what they wanted..Thanks baby!

My ex and I were best friends before we got involved. We did practically everything together. We went on dates..out to eat..bowling..movies..You name it...we did it! I never thought he and I would ever be a whole. After a year..I saw myself slowly starting to fall in love with him..and by Jan. 14, 2007..we made it official. We were a full fledge couple. Our first Valentine's Day was pure bliss. music..dimmed lights. We made love for hours at a time..our bodies intertwined as was beautiful! He even helped me get my G.E.D.. After 6 months of waiting..he finally told me he loved me on our 6 month anniversary. Man..did my heart flutter! Our love gradually grew into a beautiful melody.

The 1st year was great..and not too long afterwards..we started talking about long term ideas like living together, what it would be like to live together..or what we were gonna do for the 2 year mark.

Then..thats when shit started. Arguments...fussing...fighting..Not big spats..just little ones. I was wondering if it was just me..or if it was him. Then , the big day. The day he broke up with me..aka OUR 2 year anniversary. He finally told me why he was ready to go. He felt I wasn't what he needed. I cried, screamed, and ultimately died inside that night.

Its been 1 year and 2 months, and you know something, Im QUITE alright with how everything worked out. See, it took some time to realize that yes, he may have been a blessing, but maybe he was just a stepping stone to whats sure to come :). Yeah, thats it. He was just a taste of what's coming! Its amazing what a little time can do =)

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