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I's Loves My Shicken Bawse..I's luvs it!

Quick question..

Am I the ONLY who's tired of these damn McDonalds commercials?

I know yall done seent miss lady in the van singin about a damn mcmuffin =(

And you know something, its ALWAYS black people doin chicken related commericals.

The same coon that sung about the Mcnuggets is back!

And guess what? His girl bought him his OWN box of McNuggets!

You'd think he'd say some shit like.."Its about damn time, wicha ole NON sharing ass!", right?

Now, instead of celebrating, why did he sing.."You got me my own box cause you aint stin-jaaayy!" ?

Im so angry at that! Buncha coonery I tell ya. PURREEE coonery!

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