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Dear Diary: Day 1--Do They STILL Check for He/She?

"Ambitious girl, the drive-drive me crazy

I'm tryna stay with you, lay with you

I'll pay you tuition, pray with you if you aint intuition

I'm tryna fxck the shxt out your aspirations

see, the last one I dated, I hated

we wake up, i go to work, she leave out

come back with some make up, high heels, and a purse, or

worse i ask, "Babygirl, what you aspire to be?"

she reply to me like, "why you perspiring me?" bxtch..

pardon me if I'm sweating you but,

I wanna see something else in you before I invest in you

ambitious girl, (what you sitting for)

I'd rather you tell me to hit you later,

because you gotta finish a paper

then to be in my face asking for a rosea cup

see these bxtches can't cut in yo business

I'm in love with your business

and your productivity is the reason I intrest, ambitious girl

see, I like the person that you are,

but I'm in love with the person that you have potential to be

and all your dreams sharing with me

and your secrets baring with me

and the flaws, you aint even got to mention to me,

ambitious girl, you just wanna win, and you'd rather chase your dreams, 

then to try to chase these men

that try to chase these skirts

that try to chase these shots with flavors that not even as sweet as her

my ambitious girl, I wont forget you,

I just reflect on how I aint met you, yet boo

you somewhere, getting your life in order

so for the time being, i hope this (overscribe) might support her

support her, or work her, she worth it"

-Wale "Ambitious Girl"

How many of us consider ourselves to be she? I know I do. People have different thoughts and opinions as to what true ambitions are. I say, you should live up to your own. Trying to match people's thoughts and ideals, will only do 2 things. Either it'll kill you, or drive you crazy. I learned a long time ago that I'll NEVER reach others standards. So instead, I stick to my own. I value my own feelings, thoughts, and concepts, before I value someone else's. If your goal in life is to become a rapper, by all means, THROW your everything into it. YOUR ambitions, will get you a deal. If you want to be the first black manager in AE, GO FOR IT! No matter how big or small, go for your dreams, because to live life without a goal to accomplish, isn't living at all----its only existing. Maybe if men and women would look to this song, instead of settling for the AVERAGE and mundanity in women/men today, and instead, find someone thats similar to it, we'd have a shitload of ambitious men and women, as high as the sky, and maybe even higher. 

Think about it.


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