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I just CANT deal..

Today's Quote

"Cause I'd rather be pumped, than drown in my tears. 
Don't wanna think it over. Don't wanna be sober.."

-Tweet [Drunk]


Im only on here for a short period of time, but I had to do this. Because of a few friends of mine, TRUE friends, Im doing a venting post only. Life is being a bitter, ruthless, spiteful bitch right now, and frankly, theres only so many times I can deal with her smacking me in the fucking face, so Im taking a hiatus from everything that isn't making me happy because I really cant deal with anymore pain. So, here's my piece.

You are COLD.
You run through my life like a raging river.
And you KILL every ounce of happy I have.
You've been here since He left me.
You've gotten close to my father.
You're making my relationship with my mother fade away.
Even when I cry and call on Gods name, its not enough.
You're getting your wish.
You're slowly tearing me apart. 
Eating away at my insides like a parasite.
Feeding off my unhappiness.
You grow strong from my pain.
I grow weak from your blows.
Keep going, and you just may be the DEATH of me.
I cant keep fighting..I just cant.
Its beginning to be too much to handle.
Even the heroine has to die sometimes.
Emotionally, Im already there.
Down here in hell....with you.

Dedicated to Cece and Nora.
"If life had a heart, you'd beat your love into me.."

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